Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Been busy

To keep up with the unintended pattern, today is Beltaine, the pagan holiday that many now know as May Day. (depending on how picky you are, Beltaine can be celebrated different days - most use May 1, I prefer the astrological method which would be today). Beltaine is a fire festival, celebrating fertility, the renewal of life, and the union of God and Goddess....

Two weeks ago, I jumped ship to my previous employer's competitor and winner of the business in Ohio...not sure how I feel about this yet....It's probably a good thing I don't have time to think about it.

Getting nowhere with the resolutions or anything else personal; work, sleep, repeat (on Saturdays, mow the lawn).

Next up: wish I knew
Listening to: Theory of a Deadman's "Hate my Life"
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Not too much going on, unfortunately

Well, my weight-loss efforts are kind of pathetic. I tried a few times to get in a good habit, but life always happened. Doing as we do in Ohio winters, I was of course sick, which didn't help (I know that is no excuse). The stress level at work is still high; my company has lost the contract that keeps us in business in Ohio and we will all be losing our jobs this summer - great timing, recession. And of course, to make things worse, corporate is awfully slow on honest answers. I don't think they had greedy corporate goons who only think of the bottom line when they created capitalism. There definitely needs to be a VP of Common Sense to smack their heads when they do something stupid. At least the weather is breaking. Even though my sinuses are freaking out, it's nice to celebrate the Vernal Equinox. Totally coincidental is that fact that my last post was near the Pagan holiday Imbolc and this one following closely after Ostara. A celebration of life and new beginnings. None too soon. Had a decent game of poker a little while ago, only four of us, but it was nice to start it up again, and nicer since I was the big winner - looking forward to our next one.

Next up: Get some honest answers from corporate. Find a job. Get those resolutions back on track.
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why am I doing this? I have no idea.

I do not care for "New Year Resolutions"..they are a pithy attempt to make one's self feel good yet have an embedded escape clause built into them. Yet the idea has remained popular because what better way to try to improve yourself than making a public announcement of it. And upon reflection that is what I shall do. Of course January 1st is long gone, but isn't February 4th just as good as an arbritrary date? Perhaps better, being the Pagan holiday Imbolc, a time for hope to look ahead at the coming Spring. Having lived in a Dilbertesque cubicle land for far too long, I have often tried to get back in shape. Nothing short of public humiliation has helped, so we'll go for the public humiliation. My current weight is about 255 pounds and my stomach is approaching the 50 inch mark. I must fix this. I will have follow up posts with exact goals and progress. But this is the start, admitting the problem and resolving to fix it. Now just to add to the conundrum which is me; my other "resolution" is ironically to drink more. I once was a legend (at least in my mind), a casual drinker I enjoyed both beer and mixed drinks. Most of my drinking buddies moved away and the cost of drinking in bars/restaurants is outrageous, so I slowly became a virtual non-drinker. I would like to change that, time to dust off the bottles and get some fresh drink recipes.

That's it for now, Cheers.